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Aging is usually defined in terms of the gradual, insidious and progressive decline in structure and function ( including molecular, cells, tissues, organs ) of an organism / individual.
The aging individual is less successful in reaction to injury / stress and has increasing difficulties in maintaining physiological homeostasis. The individual therefore becomes increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of environmental perturbation.
Biological aging is the major risk factor for most of the diseases and cancers. The aging populations / Individuals ( global aging ) affects the economic growth, migration , patterns of work, family structures, health systems and even trade and relative standings of nations.
With the advancement of modern medicine and technology the life expectancy of individuals are increasing ( increasing the “old olds”  ) and on the other end, due to various modifiable / non-modifiable , environmental / genetic / life style and other factors , people are showing early signs of aging affecting the daily living and productivity adversely ( increasing the “old young”  ). The “ Social Jet Lag ” ( working against the circadian rhythm ) has compounded the adverse aging issues by altering the “Endocrine and Nutritional homeostasis”.
  • Antiaging Medicine can be understood as practical philosophical psychology, preventive diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, physiological and clinical endocrinology, toxicology, Regenerative and Recreational. Medicine. It works on the principle of preventive medicine ( Primordial / Primary / Secondary / Tertiary ) applied along with clinical medicine at Individual / population level.
  • With all the discipline of medicine ( conventional / unconventional / alternative ) integrated together the “Aging” process can be made more graceful.

Dr. Deepak Anjana V. Chaturvedi

Co-Founder , AMAR

M.B.B.S.; M.D.(Medicine)

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